Flora Mapping in Virginia State Parks

Wildflowers: an essential part of our environment

What’s blooming in April and early May? Lots of things:

· Mayapple: Podophyllum peltatum

· Golden ragwort (Packera aurea)

· Sessile bellwort (Uvularia sessifolia)

· Smooth yellow violet (Viola pubescens)

· Pink lady slipper: Cypripedium acaule

· Puttyroot orchid: Aplectrum hyemale

· Showy orchis: Galearis spectabilis.

The purpose of this website is to document wildflowers at Holliday Lake State Park and Bear Creek Lake State Park, as well as surrounding areas, and thereby to:

· Promote interest in local native resources, such as plants.

· Provide information about the plants we have identified.

· Help our neighbors explore and enjoy resources at nearby state parks.

Since this website is an ongoing project, some areas are more complete than others.  We welcome your comments and input and hope that you find this site useful.

As time allows, we intend to add wildflowers found at High Bridge Trail State Park and in other areas as well.

Happy wildflower hunting!  But please remember: look but don’t pick the flowers!

Golden ragwort

Important news for everyone interested in Virginia wild- flowers and native plants.  The Flora of Virginia, the first flora for Virginia since the 1700s,  is nearing completion.  Its goal is to account for all plants in Virginia.  Go to the project’s website for previews of what is being done and progress reports: http://www.floraofvirginia.org/index.shtml


Smooth yellow violet

Sessile bellwort

Pink lady slipper

Showy orchis

Puttyroot orchid