Plant Profile

Monotropa hypopithys: Pinesap, False Beechdrops, Yellow Bird’s Nest, Dutchman’ Pipe

Family: Monotropaceae (previously Heath)

Location: Holliday Lake State Park: Lakeshore Trail; Bear Creek Lake State Park:

Bloom Period: June–September

Habitat: Rich, moist, mature coniferous woods, acidic soil, sometimes in mixed woods.

Interesting Fact:

  • Pinesaps blooming in the summer tend to be pale yellow, while those blooming in the fall tend to be reddish.
  • Relative of Indian Pipe.
  • Monotropa means “once turned.”
  • Hypopithys means “under pine” referring to the plant’s preferred habitat.
  • Does not contain chlorophyll.
  • Leaves reduced to small scales along stem.
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